Long Island single-stream recycling program shuts down

Hudson Baylor Brookhaven plans to stop business temporarily because of market conditions.

October 24, 2018

Brookhaven, New York-based Hudson Baylor Brookhaven, also known as Green Stream Recycling, announced plans to temporarily suspend operations at its Long Island single-stream recycling facility indefinitely, according to a Hudson Baylor Brookhaven statement. 

Initially, the company planned to suspend operations Oct. 22, but it has extended operations until Oct. 29, per the town of Brookhaven’s request. According to the statement, the company needs to suspend operations “due to the mass of materials delivered to the facility no longer having any useful, physical or chemical properties.” 

“Essentially, it’s market conditions,” says Will Flower, a spokesperson for Green Stream Recycling. “And the other is an unfavorable agreement that needs to be reworked. So, the [current] contract was just not going to make Green Stream a viable entity.”

According to the company, Green Stream Recycling was the first company on Long Island to introduce single-stream recycling in January 2014. However, the company adds that the recent state of recycling in 2018 has had a negative impact on Hudson Baylor Brookhaven as it has other recyclers across the U.S.

In addition, a company statement adds that “the lack of markets for recyclables is well beyond the control of the town of Brookhaven or Hudson Baylor Brookhaven. [The company] has attempted in good faith to coordinate a path forward that has the least detrimental impact to the town and its residents. Municipalities across the United States have been working throughout the past year to reshape recycling programs and reform existing agreements with recycling service providers to address the new market realities and are continuing to do so to this date.” 

With Hudson Baylor Brookhaven suspending operations, Flower says the town has a secondary bid going out to provide recycling services. Flower adds that the company hopes to relaunch Green Stream Recycling in the future.