Harris--A True Commitment to Shredding

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March 29, 2006

Customer needs and the changing landscape of the steelmaking industry and their requirements led Harris into the shredder business, and a large-scale commitment of resources is propelling Harris into the forefront of the market in less than five years as a shredder manufacturer.

After Harris confirmed that its customers had the right idea when they asked Harris to begin making shredders, the company’s leaders knew that the only way to properly build shredders was to hire the right people and make sufficient capital investments to design and build the strongest, most productive shredders available.

It all starts with people, and Harris has hired and continues to hire shredding industry veterans such as Javier Herrera, a long-time advisor and applications engineer in the shredding industry who has brought his expertise to Harris Shredder as Vice President - Business Development.

Herrera directs a team of engineers dedicated specifically to the Shredder Division and the task of making Harris Shredders the most productive, durable and reliable units on the market. Harris veterans such as Philip Walls have worked along with Herrera to provide the innovative design aspects that are winning recyclers over to Harris shredders.

By specifying the strongest materials for fabrication and the best components during design and manufacturing, the engineering team has helped Harris Shredders quickly earn a reputation for solid and sturdy construction.

Rich in Resources

Buyers of Harris shredders can be assured not only by the strength and market commitment that Harris has historically brought to the market, but also by knowing that Harris is part of a wider family of industrial companies backed by investment capital from around the world.

FKI plc is a major international diversified engineering group traded on the London Stock Exchange. Harris is part of the FKI family of companies that also includes forging operations, chain making companies and other metalworking firms that bring related market expertise, engineering resources and pooled profits together to the financial benefit of the entire FKI organization.

"Buyers of our equipment can know they’re buying from a company with financial stability," says Harris Vice President Doug Sebastian, "and with engineering resources that span the globe."

Through its engineering resources, Harris is able to design shredders that not only carry forth its historic reputation for durable equipment but also bring innovations to the market.

With such widely-praised innovations as its outward-facing reject door and the Harris HPM (Harris Production Manager) v.1 monitoring software, the Harris Shredder Division has quickly become known as a solutions provider for its customers.

Harris Shredder is establishing a technology center in San Antonio, Texas. An engineering team has been assembled and Harris is drawing upon that city’s rich talent base and tradition in the metals shredding business.

Today’s communication technology allows the San Antonio-based engineers to work seamlessly with fabricators at Harris’ Cordele, Ga., facility.

Engineering specifications that commit to quality and durability are carried over into the manufacturing process, which takes place in Cordele. By performing the complete turnkey manufacturing of its mills, Harris ensures that all fabrication meets its standards for toughness and durability.

The same machine tools and production equipment that have built the shears and balers that the scrap industry has relied upon for decades is now also deployed to make the next generation of shredding plants.

"What we’re doing is providing our customers with the full set of metals processing choices," says Harris Vice President Doug Sebastian. "Harris customers who have purchased our heavy-duty balers and shears now consider us their single-source supplier of reliable scrap processing equipment. And customers who have owned other manufacturers’ shredders now look to us for their shredder needs."

Combined, the engineering and manufacturing resources of Harris offer shredder operators a set of resources that is unmatched by other suppliers of shredding equipment.