Green Machine: The world’s highest production OCC screen just got better

Green Machine: The world’s highest production OCC screen just got better

Green Machine updates its OCC screen to capture smaller cardboard.

November 1, 2020

Cardboard is increasing in percentage within most residential recycling streams because of “the Amazon effect,” an industry term referring to the growth in online shopping. The engineers at Green Machine, Whitney Point, New York, felt it was time to design an OCC recycling screen to meet this challenge.

Our patented Green Screen OCC systems already are known for their high throughput, superior recovery rates and disc spacing adjustability. We took the aspects that our customers love an added some new improvements to meet today’s standards:

  1. Anti-wrap – The increased diameter of replaceable split hexagon spacers greatly diminish material wrapping on shafts.
  2. Six-finger discs – Adjustable split composite discs have been reduced from eight fingers to six. This has increased material agitation and encourages better container removal.
  3. Auto-bulk waste removal – A stinger-style deck tail with 12-inch composite discs encourages large bulky items, like ridged plastics, to automatically discharge with the container stream.
  4. Small Amazon OCC removal – Our third OCC deck has a hydraulically operated angle adjustment, which enables increased material dwell time. Adjustable disc spacing can be drawn in more tightly to help collect more of the small, ridged cardboard, while allowing other fiber and containers more opportunity to fall through the screen.

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