Green Machine's fire detection system in action
Photo courtesy Green Machine

Fire protection now has a nuclear option

July 1, 2021

Southern Tier Recycling, Apalachin, New York, experienced a terrible fire in 2019 that burned its plant and rendered it unsalvageable. When it was time to rebuild and install its new Green Machine System, Southern Tier wanted to ensure that its investment would be protected from possible fires in the future.

The company decided to install a new fire detection and protection system that releases a fire-retardant foam that covers the plant’s entire floor up to 20 feet tall.

This new foam system on the market today is far less damaging to a recycling plant than a traditional wet system and doesn’t require a large water source to be effective. 

Watch Southern Tier Recycling’s foam test and be amazed! Save your system from total fire destruction by calling Green Machine to learn more.  



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