Gränges identifies aluminum recycling target
Photo courtesy of Gränges.

Gränges identifies aluminum recycling target

Swedish aluminum producer lists 20 percent recycled content target among new sustainability goals.


Sweden-based aluminum producer Gränges has announced a set of sustainability targets that includes using 20 percent recycled content as a goal to be reached by 2025.

Gränges says the list of targets has been designed “to increase the company’s contributions to global sustainable development and to secure the company’s future competitiveness and growth.”

The targets touch upon several types of business practices and operations, including safety, training, employing women and using renewable energy.

In its “Ensure Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing” section, it includes the goal of “20 percent sourced recycled aluminum of total sourced metal inputs” as one of its targets.

“We must continuously challenge ourselves to develop sustainable offerings that create tangible business and sustainability benefits for our customers,” says Gränges’ CEO Johan Menckel. “Through the lightweighting properties and the recyclability of aluminum, our products promote a circular approach and enable customers and end users to achieve significant savings in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” he adds.

Gränges operates several facilities focused on rolled aluminum products, including four plants with casting operations: one in China, one in Sweden and two in the United States. The two plants in the U.S. were formerly operated by Noranda and were acquired by Gränges in 2016.