GMI study forecasts global growth in landfill diversion investments

Research points to growing waste-to-energy and recycling investments in developed and developing nations.

January 17, 2020

Delaware-based research group Global Market Insights (GMI) has issued a study forecasting the global solid waste sector to become a $340 billion market by 2024.

GMI says the “growing adoption of recycling and waste-to-energy techniques to curb air pollution, along with increasing environmental concern, will stimulate solid waste management industry growth.”

The 554-page report, which can be purchased on the GMI website, concludes in part that legislation in the European Union and elsewhere will trigger investments in “composting, anaerobic digestion, [waste-to-energy] and recycling.”

In Asia, GMI points to Indonesia and its National Industrial Policy (No. 28/2008), which has “introduced incentives, including grants, tariff exemptions and soft loans, for the acquisition of waste treatment and pollution control equipment.”