Foodservice Packaging Institute launches website for California

Website offers resources designed to increase California’s recycling rate.


The Foodservice Packaging Institute’s (FPI’s) new website,, aims to assist California in making progress toward its goal of recycling, composting or source reducing 75 percent of solid waste by 2020.

“California has the potential to recycle and compost more foodservice packaging, whether through curbside or in-store programs,” says Lynn Dyer, president of Foodservice Packaging Institute, Falls Church, Virginia. “The foodservice packaging industry is pleased to provide this online tool that will hopefully lead to the recovery of more quality materials.”

The website’s free resources are tailored toward key stakeholders, including communities, material recovery facilities (MRFs), composters, anaerobic digestion facilities and recycling end markets, FPI says. Resources include overviews of California-specific recycling and composting studies, an interactive map of end markets, information sheets for materials recovery facilities, resident outreach materials and more.

In addition, foodservice operators looking to meet the state’s mandatory commercial recycling laws will find a five-step toolkit, available at, to assist them with starting a program to recycle or compost foodservice packaging in-store.

A free webinar, Maximizing Recycling Goals with Outreach, will take place June 26 at 10 a.m. PDT. Presenters will highlight the opportunities for California communities, recyclers, composters and end markets to recover more foodservice packaging. To register for the webinar, visit