Seeking North America's ferrous scrap processors
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Seeking North America's ferrous scrap processors

Is your company among the largest ferrous scrap processors in North America?

January 7, 2020

If you process ferrous scrap, Recycling Today wants to hear from you. 

We're in the process of updating our list of North America's largest ferrous scrap processors, but we need your input to create the most accurate list possible. Please take a moment to supply the information requested in this form.

The key figure we are asking for is the annual amount of ferrous scrap physically handled at your company’s facilities in 2019. This includes scrap taken in at all facilities, whether it is processed further or shipped loose. For exporters, this would include all ferrous scrap purchased for export and loaded onto a vessel. This does not include scrap brokered by traders or brokers employed by the company that is never physically present at a corporate facility.

Again, the form can be accessed at

Thank you for your help in ensuring that we produce the most accurate list possible. The completed list will appear in the April issue of Recycling Today and online.