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The association known as European Aluminium points to increased recycling as a way to support its decarbonization efforts.
Photo courtesy of Norsk Hydro.

European Aluminium sees sustainability path

Trade association says its Vision 2050 plan, calling for increased recycling, can produce 70 percent decarbonization.

November 23, 2021

Brussels-based European Aluminium, which has many of the continent’s largest aluminum producers as members, says its goal “is to strive for a truly sustainable economy, supporting the Paris Agreement and delivering on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.” The organization points to “increased recycling” as a factor in reaching that goal.

To do that, the group says, will require “a deep transformation and renewal of our existing industrial base and assets.”

European Aluminium says its “I+ Manifesto” is a call to action for the “next EU leaders to set the right framework conditions for the industry to achieve its full strategic potential.” The manifesto “builds on the conclusions of our Vision 2050,” adds the group.

The Vision 2050 plan, says the group, “shows potential to decarbonize our production processes along the whole value chain. Total CO2emission reductions will come from increased recycling and a 70 percent decarbonization in the primary sector.”

European Aluminium continues, “We call for a bold and fully fledged EU industrial strategy with its vision and goals rooted in its wider strategy of sustainable development and commitments under the Paris Agreement. The strategy should aim to coordinate regional, national and European policy efforts. A new governance approach between the different decision-making levels should help to define competencies and be instrumental in meeting EU industrial performance goals by 2030 and 2050.”