Eriez earns leadership award during Expomin 2018

Eriez’s history of exporting products, services to Chile earned company the Export Leadership Award.

June 7, 2018
Carrie George
International Recycling News

U.S. Ambassador to Chile Carol Z. Perez presented Eriez, Erie, Pennsylvania, with the Export Leadership Award during Expomin 2018, which took place April 23-27, in Santiago, Chile. This award was given based on Eriez’s history of exporting U.S.-made products and services to Chile.

“Eriez has exported products to Chile since the 1950s,” says Eriez Export Sales Director Andrew Goldner. He adds, “While the majority of the products we export to Chile are used mainly in the mining industry, we also supply Chilean companies with equipment utilized in food processing, pulp and paper, plastics, cement, pharmaceuticals and pet food applications.”

Eriez has 12 manufacturing facilities throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Eriez President and CEO Tim Shuttleworth says, “When exporting products abroad, our global team works together to ensure compliance with laws and regulations while maintaining the absolute highest standards for product quality.” He adds, “We are proud and honored to receive the Export Leadership Award and look forward to continuing to deliver superior products to our customers in Chile and around the world.”