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Giordano’s Recycling Installs Harris GS9

Giordano’s Recycling has installed a GS9 baler/logger/shear from Harris, Peachtree, Ga., at the company’s Vineland, N.J., site.

The GS9, part of the GS Series of baler/logger/shears, employs a 100-horsepower motor, uses horizontally mounted pumps and has independent load tables, which are designed to allow for more visual inspection of material by the operator when material is dumped into the charging box.

The GS9 was designed to deliver a new generation of performance to keep pace with a company’s sustained growth and provide overall lower operating cost per ton, according to Harris.

“The Harris GS9 assists with our growing pains, speeding up the processing, and giving us a range of new possibilities” Brian Giordano, COO of Giordano’s Recycling, says.

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Riverside Engineering Introduces Demand Shaver

Riverside Engineering, San Antonio, has developed Demand Shaver, an energy demand management program designed to reduce peak demand usage and save operators an average of 20 to 30 percent in energy costs related to shredder operation.

The programmable-logic-controller-based program monitors power consumption and shredder data. Based on this data, the company says, “Demand Shaver will adjust infeed and DFR (double feed roller) to an optimal rate based on the utility rate structure.”

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Zero Waste Energy, Bulk Handling Systems Partner on Waste-to-Energy Processing Systems

Zero Waste Energy (ZWE), a San Jose, Calif.-based waste industry company specializing in the recovery of recyclables combined with energy production, has announced an exclusive partnership with Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), Eugene, Ore., to supply waste-to-energy processing systems, including the Kompoferm anaerobic digestion process that creates biogas from organic waste.

“The new affiliation enables ZWE to offer its customers complete processing systems that start with municipal solid waste (MSW) and end with energy production while recovering valuable commodities from the waste stream and minimizing residue,” according to a press release issued by ZWE. According to the company, these systems are expected to more than double industry norms for operating margins and return on investment while helping communities meet growing zero waste public policy demands.

“The relationship with Bulk Handling Systems is part of our customer commitment to provide the best available technologies and support for our innovative diversion solutions,” says Eric Herbert, CEO of ZWE. “We will be working collaboratively with BHS to ensure that our operating platform will be continuously improved with their equipment innovations.”

BHS is a manufacturer of recycling processing equipment and a supplier of systems for the solid waste, recycling, wood products/compost and waste-to-energy industries. The patented BHS MSW systems use separation, optical and air technologies to recover recyclables and size an organic fraction ready for further processing by the Kompoferm dry fermentation system, which BHS distributes in North America.

“As we continue to move forward in our efforts to extract more value out of the waste stream, we could not ignore the renewable energy potential available from the organic portion of solid waste,” says BHS President Steve Miller. “The Kompoferm system is the leading technology of its type in the world and enables BHS to provide its customers with systems that extract high-value recyclable materials from the waste stream, to make these systems energy neutral and to provide additional renewable power to the communities where the waste is generated.”

The Kompoferm system uses anaerobic digestion to break down organic waste, creating methane gas and leaving a digestate that can be further processed into compost. The Kompoferm system can be used in a stand-alone biogas plant or coupled with the BHS Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) processing system, which separates recyclables from the waste stream. This system provides the feedstock for the biogas system, while the digestate provides feedstock for the compost process.

ZWE combines commodity recovery and energy production through waste-to-energy processing systems using a variety of patented technologies to capture and recycle material streams with an emphasis on transforming the organic fraction into electricity or compressed natural gas through a dry anaerobic digestion process.

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South American Company Purchases System from The Shredder Co.

Scott Newell, chairman of The Shredder Co. LLC, El Paso, Texas, has announced that Aceria Del Ecuador C.A. (Adelca), Quito, Ecuador, has purchased a TSC 80 SXS shredding plant from the company to process 180,000 tons per year of locally generated scrap metal.

Adelca operates an electric arc furnace steel mill, producing long products in Ecuador. The company specializes in producing steel wire and reinforcing bar (rebar).

According to an announcement by The Shredder Co., Adelca personnel say the investment in the shredder is a part of the company’s strategy to improve the productivity and efficiency of its present steelmaking equipment.

The plant installation and startup is expected to be completed before September 2010.

“We are very proud to have been selected as the suppliers of this plant after the Adelca personnel did a worldwide search for the best equipment. We look forward to working with this skilled group to help them accomplish their goals,” says Newell.

Calbag Metals Installs Stormwaterx System

Calbag Metals Co., an Oregon-based nonferrous scrap recycler, has announced that it has achieved full compliance with Oregon’s stormwater quality benchmarks with its incorporation of a stormwater management system from Portland, Ore.-based StormwateRx.

The StormwateRx solution uses the company’s Clara stormwater separator to pretreat oil and grease and its Aquip stormwater filtration system to remove suspended solids and metals.

Greg Will, operations manager at Calbag Metals, says, “The Aquip filter has vastly outperformed our previous filter system and brought us into full compliance. We’re now anticipating installation of an Aquip system at our Tacoma yard.”

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