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December 1, 2020

Postle releases Postalloy DuraHard Super-Edge hardfacing wire

Postle Industries Inc., Cleveland, released a revised version of its Postalloy DuraHard Super-Edge noncracking hardfacing wire for shredding knives earlier this year. The gas-shielded, modified high-speed tool steel welding wire resists abrasion and is designed for applications where edge retention is of concern.

Postle Industries says the hardfacing wire helps to create a crack-free, fracture-resistant cutting edge even under high compression loads. Postalloy DuraHard Super-Edge also can be reapplied over itself many times without concern for spalling or the need to remove the prior layer. Weld deposits are martensitic with microcarbides evenly dispersed throughout the deposit, according to the company.

In addition, Postle Industries says it updated its logo for Postalloy Hardfacing technology in June to give the brand a new look and focus more on the Postalloy terminology.

Wendt opens showroom in Buffalo, New York

Wendt Corp. has opened a new showroom at its headquarters in Buffalo, New York. The company says its new showroom expands on its Technology Center.

The showroom will act as a key resource for customers to do material sampling, prove a business case and gain hands-on training from Wendt Corp.’s service technicians, the company states in a news release about its showroom, which will showcase its latest technology and equipment.

Wendt Corp. customers can send Gaylord box samples of material to the site for Wendt to test and analyze. Customers will be provided a full report of data-driven recommendations for an equipment solution, according to the company.

“This showroom will act as a valuable resource to our customers as we continuously circulate in the latest technology,” says Tom Wendt, president of Wendt Corp. “Customers can utilize the showroom by sampling their own material and receiving thoughtful recommendations based off the analysis of that material. We are taking great strides in limiting our customers’ risk and providing solutions that are appropriate to each individual customer,” he adds.

Currently, Wendt Corp. says its showroom has a ferrous dirt separator, an eddy current separator, a Wendt/Tomra Finder 4 and the Tomra X-Tract X6 Fines.

According to Wendt Corp., the Tomra X6 is an X-ray-based solution that can separate magnesium from aluminum in products such as zorba and twitch. That system uses existing Tomra XRT technology in a new configuration and can sort material of different densities, separating magnesium from aluminum to create furnace-ready products across the zorba size spectrum from 1/4 inch to 5 inches.

The company says its showroom will be expanded with additional equipment in the months to come.

“There is a lot to look forward to as more equipment gets added to our showroom floor later this winter and in early spring,” the company states in its news release.

Customers can email to book an appointment to view the company’s new showroom.

IMI adds equipment to testing facility for recycling applications

Industrial Magnetics Inc. (IMI), owner of the Javelin brand, recently completed the equipment installation phase at its new recycling test facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company announced plans for this new, 6,000-square-foot application testing facility in January. The facility will serve customers who are interested in the recovery or separation of ferrous and nonferrous metals in recycling-related industries.

IMI says the test line was designed to replicate real-world scenarios for customers who would like to see how the separation equipment performs with regard to their specific applications. In addition to material and application testing, the test facility will be available to customers who would like to process materials on a tolling basis.

According to a news release from IMI, the facility will have two eddy current separators for processing fines and larger nonferrous metals. The eddy current separator units can run independently or can be operated simultaneously for mixed products of varying sizes. Additionally, the eddy current separator units can be set up for customers’ recovery, removal or separation goals.

The test facility also incorporates additional IMI and Javelin separation magnets, such as a suspended overhead magnet and a drum magnet separator for the removal and recovery of ferrous metals and a line of magnetic stainless steel conveyors for stainless steel removal.

IMI says most testing can be completed in seven to 10 business days. Customers are welcome to attend the test sessions in person or through Skype.

Upon completion of the testing process, IMI says it provides customers with a full report that includes pictures, video, test results and recommendations.

Wastequip WRX facility opens in Dallas-Fort Worth

Wastequip, Charlotte, North Carolina, has opened its second Wastequip WRX (pronounced “works”) facility. The company opened the first of its Wastequip WRX facilities in Pompano Beach, Florida, in July. Its second facility is in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Wastequip WRX is a turnkey service center offering parts, service and installation for most types of waste-handling equipment. The business specializes in Wastequip’s Mountain Tarp and Pioneer tarping systems, Galbreath hoists and Amrep refuse trucks and Go To Parts original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket parts.

Factory-authorized and -trained technicians staff these facilities.

The company says more Wastequip WRX locations will be opening across the U.S. in the coming months.

Pellenc ST releases Service Pack solution

Pellenc ST, based in Pertuis, France, has released Service Pack, which it describes as a new turnkey solution for recycling facility operators that provides operational support.

The Service Pack combines traditional 24/7 services, such as on-site service, remote maintenance and training, with the benefits of an unlimited supply of replacement and wear parts and advice based on analysis of data collected by the digital system, Pellenc says.

The company adds that its Smart&Share, a new software as a service solution for monitoring and reporting optical sorter data, is included in the Service Pack. Smart&Share is designed to assist with performance optimization and preventive maintenance through customized reports and alerts.

According to Pellenc, the Service Pack provides customers with controlled maintenance costs for several years, local support and statistical tools to better understand sorting data and events recorded on optical sorters. Pellenc says its Service Pack can be included in initial project investments.