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August 18, 2009

Exodus Machines Inc. Announces First Product

Exodus Machines Inc., Superior, Wis., describes itself in a press release as "the first U.S.-based company dedicated exclusively to building material handlers." The company’s first product will be a 95,000-pound wheeled machine with a 51-feet-6-inch reach and a 9-liter, 275-horsepower engine. The first machines were to be completed in late July, and the company says it will add two more sizes within the next 18 months.

"We received support at the state and local level, which made for a smooth start up, and the available workforce is excellent, which will allow us to be more competitive on all levels," says Bruce Bacon, president and co-founder.

The new facility features eco-friendly design with computer-assisted manufacturing flow and inventory control. Every employee is required to spend time working on the factory floor. "We want every employee to be fully engaged in the business, and having a hands-on understanding of our product is a big part of that," Bacon says.

When designing the material handlers, Exodus engineers spent hundreds of hours interviewing operators, maintenance personnel and owners/GMs, according to Exodus. "At Exodus we are determined to build the best machines available anywhere in the world, and that would not have been possible without putting our engineers directly in contact with the people that live with these machines every day," says Adam Bennis, director of engineering. "We will build on this practice by making our engineers available for customers to talk to for service issues, which will help us make the best products and make our customers’ lives a little easier at the same time," Bennis says.

"We know there are some good machines out there, but we just want to provide a product where people don’t have to compromise between one great product attribute and another," Bennis adds.

Exodus offers machines and parts factory direct. Field service technicians will provide support from cities across North America, according to the company, but Exodus is also open to establishing contracts with local service providers.

More information is available at www.ExodusMachines or by contacting Greg Bacon at (715) 395-5086 or at

BHS Completes Sorting System Installation at Wisconsin MRF

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), Eugene, Ore., has completed the installation of a 25-ton-per-hour single-stream sorting system at the new material recovery facility (MRF) in Outagamie County, Wis. The MRF is a joint effort of Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago counties and was built to process material from the new single-stream program developed by the three counties.

Phil Stecker, director of Solid Waste for Outagamie County, says the new MRF launches a new era of recycling for 500,000 people in more than 60 Brown-Outagamie-Winnebago communities. He says he hopes the new program will reduce complications and encourage greater community participation in recycling.

The Outagamie County MRF incorporates screening, optical and air separation technologies. The BHS single-stream system is designed to maximize the recovery of marketable commodities and reduce disposal costs. The system was designed, manufactured and installed by BHS, which says in a press release that the system focuses on the extraction of recoverable materials on the first pass. As a result, the end products produced by the single-stream system are high in quality, according to BHS.

Tana Touts Slow-Speed Shredder

The Finnish company Tana has completed and is promoting its Tana Shark line, a slow-speed shredder family that includes the electric models 220E and 440E and with track-mounted versions 220DT and 440DT.

Tana Shark slow-speed shredders are designed for easy removal and installation of counter tools, which is important when adjusting the machine to produce different particle sizes. Tana Shark is the first shredder with a plug-in rotor screen to further regulate the particle size, according to Tana. The opening side door functions as a service hatch, simplifying rotor and cutting tool checkups. Also non-crushable particles can be removed through the side wall.

Serviceability was one of the leading guidelines when developing the machine to minimize the downtime of the machine, according to Tana.

Tana Sharks are controlled by the Tana Control System. It is preprogrammed for six different kinds of material.

Anvil Attachments Offers Grapple Rebuild Kits

Anvil Attachments, Slaughter, La., has introduced a line of grapple rebuild kits.

Available in three models, the rebuild kits offer pins and bushings needed to rebuild a grapple.

The complete rebuild kit includes tooth points; all pins and bushings; a pinion gear; all hydraulic hoses and fittings; cylinder seal and swivel seal kits; and all bearing, motor, swivel and pin-keeper bolts, nuts and washers.

The basic rebuild kit includes tooth points; all pins and bushings; a pinion gear; all hydraulic hoses and fittings; and all bearing, motor, swivel and pin-keeper bolts, nuts and washers.

The budget rebuild kit includes tooth points and all pins and bushings.

More information is available from Anvil Attachments at (225) 654-8222 or at