EPA seeks comments on recycled-content products

The agency makes recommendations to federal agencies on recycled-content product purchases.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking comments on its current list of items that are or can be made from recovered materials and its recommendations to federal agencies on purchasing these items. Since 1995, the EPA has designated 61 items made from recovered materials in eight product categories.

“Through our Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines, EPA is furthering our ‘America Recycles’ work and responding to stakeholder input to help increase demand for recycled-content materials by promoting government programs to purchase recycled materials,” says EPA Assistant Administrator Peter Wright. “Buying recycled-content products fosters markets for materials from the recycling stream and ensures that these materials will be used in the manufacture of new products, strengthening the United States’ recycling system.”

The federal government’s buy-recycled program uses federal purchasing power to stimulate the demand for products made with recovered materials. EPA designates recycled-content items and publishes recommendations to assist procuring agencies using federal funds in meeting their obligations under this program. The last update to the product designations and procurement recommendations occurred in 2007, according to the agency.

EPA is requesting input regarding whether the right products are on the list; if any should be deleted, added or modified; and whether the current recycled-content and procurement specifications are appropriate. The comment period will be open for 90 days from April 7.

For more information, visit www.epa.gov/smm/comprehensive-procurement-guideline-cpg-program.