Electronics recycler continues support of local nonprofit

Electronics recycler continues support of local nonprofit

As a part of Sunnking's 10th annual e-Scrap for Camp fundraiser, the recycler presented an $11,761 check to Camp Good Days and Special Times.


Electronics recycler Sunnking, headquartered in Brockport, New York, has presented an $11,761 check to Camp Good Days and Special Times, a local nonprofit organization helping children and families living with cancer.

The funds were raised as a part of Sunnking's 10th annual e-Scrap for Camp fundraiser. Despite a pandemic and months-long layover, the company saw 345 area businesses participate in the electronics recycling donation drive.

"We were really worried about having great participation, but the community loves it; they ask about it year-round, and frankly, everybody knows it's coming and loves to participate," says Adam Shine, vice president of Sunnking. "I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Yes, it's down, but it's a down year all around, and I think, all things considered, we really pulled through."

Sunnking works with local businesses to recycle unwanted electronics through the donation drive, generating funds for future programs at Camp Good Days and Special Times. Through its first 10 years, e-Scrap for Camp has gifted year-round access for 114 western New York children.

"In a year of so many cancelations, recreations and pauses, we are beyond grateful for Sunnking's tremendous support and commitment," says Lisa Booz, western New York regional director of Camp Good Days & Special Times. "To say this contribution will have an impact on our 2021 programs is an understatement. Sunnking knows our programming continues, and to do that, these funds will be clutch."

Through the free recycling program's first decade, more than 5 million pounds of electronics have been recycled. The collections have resulted in more than $114,000 donated to Camp Good Days by Sunnking and its Buffalo and Rochester-area partners.

"I know that there's a tremendous shortage this year of donors given the pandemic," Shine says. "I think all not-for-profits are probably hurting and feeling it, and I think that this probably comes at a really crucial time."

In October, the e-recycler re-launched its Buffalo collection after a four-month pause related to COVID-19.