Eldan Recycling: New knife system improves performance by up to 10 percent

Eldan Recycling: New knife system improves performance by up to 10 percent

The knives on the Multi Purpose Rasper have been divided in a new 2+3 system.

April 1, 2021

Danish recycling equipment manufacturer Eldan Recycling has updated its Multi Purpose Rasper by splitting up the knives in a new 2+3 system, improving the machine’s performance by up to 10 percent. The innovation is a result of close collaboration with and feedback from customers using the Multi Purpose Rasper to process many different types of waste, and the new rotor and knife design has made a huge difference.

Jan Kjær, head of R&D at Eldan Recycling, says: “People working with the machines every day know what works and what can be improved from hands-on experience with their specific material. We just listen to their expertise and use that to make the machines even better than they are—it’s a win-win situation.”

The improved Multi Purpose Rasper saves customers up to 10 percent on power consumption compared with the old knives system, which can translate into a 10 percent increase in input capacity, depending on material type, screen size, etc.

At the same time, the 2+3 knife system enables a lower running temperature, which is always an advantage when running especially flammable material.

Kjær elaborates: “The traditional knives were made with five knife tips on each. We simply split that knife into two parts, with two and three tips respectively, and moved half the knives further down to even out the energy usage.”

The 2+3 knife system has been successfully tested in Multi Purpose Raspers processing very different waste types, such as end-of-life tires, cables, nonferrous scrap and waste refrigerators, with improved results across the board. It is now the standard knife system in all Eldan Multi Purpose Raspers.

The new rotor and 2+3 knife system can be installed in customers’ existing machines; but, as with all spare parts for Eldan machines, the knives and rotor for the old system also will be available to customers preferring that configuration.