EFactor3 Representing M&J Line

Charlotte-based company now selling Danish slow-speed shredder line.

November 10, 2009


EFactor3 LLC, Charlotte, N.C., is representing the slow-speed shredder line of Danish company M&J Industries. According to an EFactor3 news release, M&J (which was recently purchased by Finland’s Metso Minerals OY) is “a pioneer in the field of industrial shredding technology.”


The 150-year-old company “has had considerable long-term influence on technical developments in this specialist field, where completely reliable throughputs are essential for efficiency and profitability,” adds the news release.


M&J shredders are at work within the recycling, landfill, incineration, hazardous waste, waste-to-energy conversion, composting and chemical waste processing sectors, according to EFactor3.


The company’s product range includes both static and mobile shredders in both single-shaft and double-shaft configurations, with the company’s “distinctive features including the patented open-cutting table and aggressive knife designs, as well an exceptionally robust construction.”


All M&J shredders are also designed to shred efficiently in both directions and shredder operation is monitored and controlled by a PLC (process logic controller) equipped with software that automatically adjusts operating parameters to deal with specific types of waste as well as changes in its composition, according to EFactor3.


The company also strives to work closely with potential customers to assess the most cost-effective ways of meeting any particular waste reduction and recycling requirement, states the news release.


Those seeking more information about the M&J shredder line can contact EFactor3 President Hartmut Bendfeldt through the company’s Web site at www.efactor3.com.