Efactor3 Markets New Extruder Line

Austrian-made NCT extruder is built to handle recycled-content composites.




Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH of Austria (MAS) introduced what it calls the first conical co-rotating twin screw extruder during the NPE 2009 show in Chicago in June. The United States rep for the extruder is Efactor3 LLC of Charlotte, N.C.


The NCT (New Conical Technology) extruders “are the only conical co-rotating twin screw extruders in the plastics industry,” says MAS in a news release. “These extruders offer many advantages for the processing of PET, Biodegradable plastics, WPC (Wood Plastic), PPC (Paper Plastic Composites) and other materials.”


The conical design of the NCT provides “a distinctly higher volume at the intake section and permits greater torques then cylindrical extruders,” according to MAS. The intake opening of the extruder is significantly larger than the output volume, resulting in a high screw fill level. This pairsr high throughput rates at low screw speed with low melt temperatures and stable melt pressure behavior, according to the company.


The news release adds that when processing PET flakes, the NCT extruder’s design allows it to operate with low melt temperatures, “which is a key factor to [produce] top quality products with the lowest possible heat degradation.”


The NCT extruder is available in four different sizes for an output range starting at 440 pounds per hour up to approximately 3,300 pounds per hour.


More information on the new product can be found at www.efactor3.com or by contacting Hartmut Bendfeldt of Efactor 3 at hbendfeldt@efactor3.com.