Efactor 3 Brings OneStep Extrusion System to North America

OneStep system is designed to combine recycling and compounding processes into a single step.

EFactor3, Charlotte, N.C., the North American distributor of the OneStep extrusion system by MAS will debut the technology to the North American market at this year’s NPE Tradeshow in Orlando.The OneStep system is designed to combines the recycling and compounding processes into a single step. According to eFactor3, the extrusion system “brings together the familiar superior plastification and homogenization of a parallel twin screw extruder with the specific advantages of the conical twin screw system.”
The compact MAS cascade extruder is the key to this integrated recycling and compounding system, the company says. The MAS extruder is combined MAS’ melt filter system (for continuous filtration with a planar array filter) and a downstream single-screw degassing extruder. EFactor3 claims the system is highly efficient, adding that in compounding mode with a supply of 60 percent PP (polypropylene) film flakes and 40 percent powdered additives, it consumed only 0.24 kilowatt hours per kilogram. 
The large in-feed opening allows materials with a low bulk density, such as film flakes, to be feed easily, according to eFactor3, without the new for pre-compression using special devices. Additives and dyes can be metered into the film flakes and fed into the system at the same time, the company says, without the use of side feeders. 
According to eFactor3, the comparatively large contact surface between the screws and the material allows a large amount of energy to be conveyed to the plastic, allowing the plastic to be melted quickly. It also is responsible for the machine’s compact design relative to a single-scrap recycling system. 
Kneading elements are integrated into the screws to encourage homogenization, the company adds. The overlap of the screw profiles increases the delivery rate and stabilizes the melt pressure, according to eFactor3, eliminating the need for a melt pump. The conical screws of the modular system can be fitted to the specific task, the company adds.
“There is minimal breakdown of the polymer structure, and the physical characteristics of the starting materials, such as elongation at tear and tensile strength, remain largely unchanged,” according to a press release from eFactor3. “In addition, the greater homogenization of the plastic melt enables highly effective melt filtration and degassing, which makes it easier to process recycled material.”
EFactor3 LLC is a turnkey supplier offering a variety of shredding, cleaning, granulating and extrusion equipment along with conveying and separation equipment for the recycling, waste and waste-to-energy industries in North America.
More information about the OneStep extrusion system by MAS contact is available from eFactor3 at 877-801-3232, sales@efactor3.com and at www.efactor3.com.