Eco Green Equipment installs crumb rubber production system in Hungary

Eco Green Equipment installs crumb rubber production system in Hungary

Hungarojet Kft adds Eco Krumbuster Hydraulic Mill and expanded crumb/rubber powder system.

August 26, 2016

Eco Green Equipment, North Salt Lake, Utah, has announced the installation of an Eco Krumbuster hydraulic mill and expanded crumb/rubber powder system at Hungarojet Kft in Budapest, Hungary. 

From left: Laszio Takacs, Hungarojet; Marcus Waclawik, General Recycling; Jon Porter and Ben Rogers, Eco Green Equipment; and
Mihaly Ballabas, Hungarojet
Hungarojet’s team was looking for an efficient crumb rubber system for processing tire-derived materials, Eco Green Equipment says. 


“Our company is pleased to have the new Eco Krumbuster system installed and operating for us,” says Gabor Kostyal, manager of Hungarojet. “This system is the right system for processing our material and product. We compared many competitors and other mills on the market and felt the Eco Krumbuster was the mill with the right features and performance.” 

The Eco Krumbuster is a hydraulic fine milling machine ideal for processing rubber material into crumb rubber and rubber powder, the supplier says. Material from this system is used in a variety of secondary rubber applications, such as rubber-modified asphalt, roofing, mats and coatings. 

The Eco Krumbuster provides higher production rates for processors who demand the best efficiencies and low maintenance, according to Eco Green Equipment. The unit churns through rubber mulch (19 millimeters and smaller), outputting crumb and rubber powder (6 millimeters minus). The company says the machine can produce up to 3 tons per hour of 6-millimeter material. 

The Eco Krumbuster is powered by a custom hydraulic power unit and features lower operational costs, fewer moving parts and longer-lasting doubled-rolled spherical steel bearings, according to Eco Green Equipment. Easy-access service doors open to reveal a grinding chamber containing two rolls with optional corrugations. 

Brad Swenson, managing partner with Eco Green Equipment, says, “The Eco Krumbuster and expanded system is the latest technology in crumb and rubber powder production with one of the lowest in estimated wear costs—around US$3 to $9 per ton. Those who have interest in maximizing their returns and investment in fine rubber grinding production must seriously consider the Eco Krumbuster.” 

Eco Green Equipment has an exclusive European distributor, General Recycling GmbH in Austria, which can be contacted at

Eco Green Equipment says it designs and manufactures turnkey, cost-effective tire recycling equipment and integrated shredding systems for global customers. The company has operations in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, South America, the Middle East and Asia.