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Nonferrous metals recycling firm RIISA operates a fleet of a dozen balers made by Imabe.

February 1, 2021

Repeat customers provide the foundation needed in nearly all business models, from a coffee shop to the sale of big-ticket capital equipment. Florida-based IMABE of America and its parent firm IMABE IBERICA SL. in Spain have produced balers so well liked by one recycling firm that it is now operating 12 units, reaching a repeat business milestone.

Based near Monterrey, Mexico, nonferrous metals recycling firm RIISA has four locations in that nation, buying and processing a wide variety of scrap as well as operating a secondary aluminum smelter.

Founded in 1987, RIISA has expanded from one location to four, with much of its growth occurring in the previous decade. “This has allowed us to be closer to our customers and suppliers in all the country and exporting areas,” states the firm on its website.

Mauricio J. Llaguno Garza of RIISA says the firm has worked with IMABE throughout its growth phase, to the point that it now operates 12 IMABE balers: five two-ram balers, three horizontal units, three triple compression CH-1800 models and one triple compression 1500 model.

The width and breadth of the IMABE product line is a critical reason RIISA has been able to turn back to IMABE for so much repeat business. IMABE offers more than a dozen sizes and configurations of its triple compression balers and a half-dozen two-ram models.

RIISA has not only grown geographically, it also has spread beyond its aluminum smelting roots to deal in an increasing number of scrap grades, including copper, steel, bronze, stainless steel, zinc and plastic scrap. “We are always in the search for new materials and markets,” states the firm on its website.

Llaguno Garza says the variety of IMABE models operated by RIISA has allowed him to conclude the company’s equipment is worthy of the loyalty shown by his firm to IMABE.

When asked why RIISA is a repeat IMABE customer, Llaguno Garza replies, “The balers are dependable, they require a low level of maintenance and carry low operating costs, and we get very good service form IMABE in Mexico.”

With a steady and growing volume of material being fed into its family of IMABE balers, Llaguno Garza says RIISA values in particular the level of service it receives from IMABE and its network of support people.

Says Llaguno Garza of the baler company he trusts, “The service is great; they always answer questions and find ways to help. This is the major most important advantage of why we choose IMABE for our operations.”

The full product line of dependable IMABE balers can be viewed at and IMABE of America CEO César Benítez can be contacted at

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