Crown Paper Group announces staff promotion

Colin Fernie named president of Port Townsend Paper and Crown Corrugated subsidiaries.


Atlanta-based Crown Paper Group has promoted Colin Fernie to president of its Port Townsend Paper and Crown Corrugated subsidiaries. With the promotion, Fernie adds responsibility for the Port Townsend Paper mill in Port Townsend, Washington, and retains responsibility for the Crown Packaging and Boxmaster plants in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as well as distribution centers in Kelowna, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

“We hired Colin in May 2015 knowing his record of building high performing packaging businesses, and confident he would do the same with Crown Corrugated,” says Crown Paper CEO Steve Klinger. “In the year since, we made significant strategic investments in Crown Corrugated [and] Colin leveraged the investments and led Crown Corrugated to improved performance, benefitting our customers and owners.”

Adds Klinger, “At the same time, we have made significant, strategic investments in Port Townsend Paper, which is executing a plan to become a high performing mill. Colin’s charge is to lead Port Townsend Paper and Crown Corrugated to accelerate progress across the board.”

Klinger continues, “Port Townsend Paper is the primary supplier to Crown Corrugated and Montebello Container, our corrugated sheet producer in Southern California, so high performance at any of the operations benefits all of the operations. We also made significant strategic investments in Montebello, and the Montebello team is building a strong packaging business by leveraging these investments and implementing our ‘Manufacturing Excellence’ strategy.” said Klinger. Anthony Salcido continues as President of Montebello Container, reporting to the Crown Paper Group

Crown Paper Group is a holding company with investments in the paper and packaging industries. Among Crown Packaging’s products are recycled-content linerboard and medium board lines. It was created in 2015 by New York-based Lindsay Goldberg, an investment firm that manages $14 billion of equity capital.