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A guide to selecting the best sensor sorting method

Learn the benefits of sensor technologies and extraction methods in this free webinar presented by Felix Hottenstein, the sales director of MSS.

November 1, 2021

Hiring and retaining labor has long been a challenge for material recovery facility (MRF) operators. Because of this, smart sensor and extraction technologies are now the backbone for primary sorting and quality-control functions. As material streams evolve and markets change, sensor-based sorting allows companies to tailor recipes that accurately separate at high volumes, recovery rates and purities. The key is to choose the best option to reduce headcount and improve the marketability of the final commodities.

In this webinar, companies will learn:

  • the advantages of different sensor technologies (near-infrared, color, metal, artificial intelligence, etc.) and where in the MRF they provide the most value; and,
  • the pros and cons of various extraction methods (air jets, robotics, etc.) and how to best pair them with the different sensor technologies.

The webinar is presented by Felix Hottenstein, sales director of MSS.

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