Colmar--Product Focus on Industrial Loaders

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March 28, 2006

Colmar industrial loaders are used throughout the recycling industry for a variety of material handling tasks. They feature robust construction to withstand the rigors of scrap handling operations; however, the operator’s cab provides a comfortable working environment and includes hydraulic elevation for improved visibility. Colmar’s material handlers include state-of-the-art hydraulic systems assembled using high-quality, technologically advanced pumps and components.

The company’s material handlers are available in several wheeled models outfitted with solid bead tires specially designed to operate in scrap yards. The industrial loaders offer lifting capacities ranging from 14,874 pounds to 36,277 pounds and a maximum reach of 27 feet to 54 feet. Crawler versions are also available.

Colmar industrial loaders are available in a variety of configurations and with attachments ranging from grapples to lifting magnets.


Colmar USA also offers a pedestal crane that includes a sound-proof cab, ergonomic seating and an electric engine with a power rating of 37 kW and 380/480 volts. The crane’s hydraulics provide a maximum flow rate of 15.9 gallons/minute and a maximum working pressure of 3,200 psi. The crane includes a six-arm hydraulic grapple with a 0.4-cubic-yard capacity and integrated rotation.


Machine Weight (lbs.): 38,200

Maximum Lift: 14,900 lbs.

Maximum Lift at Full Reach: 6,950 lbs.

Maximum Reach: 27’


Machine Weight (lbs.): 59,400

Maximum Lift: 18,920 lbs.

Maximum Lift at Full Reach: 7,150 lbs.

Maximum Reach: 39’


Machine Weight (lbs.): 81,400

Maximum Lift: 32,318 lbs.

Maximum Lift at Full Reach: 8,052 lbs.

Maxumum Reach: 49’


Machine Weight (lbs.): 78,000

Maximum Lift: 36,277 lbs.

Maximum Lift at Full Reach: 9,018 lbs.

Maximum reach: 54’