CM commissions tire recycling line in Europe

CM commissions tire recycling line in Europe

System produces wire-free rubber, clean steel.

November 8, 2018

Columbus McKinnon Corp., Sarasota, Florida, has announced it has recently completed the installation and commission of a tire recycling system in Poland.

CM says the system produces wire free rubber to be used as feed stock for a new pyrolysis system. The line is also capable of producing clean steel.

According to a news release, CM's system was chosen because of its "ability to supply a turn-key system" capable of processing passenger car and truck tires into wire free rubber and clean steel with purity level of less than four percent contamination. 

For the application, CM utilized its zero-waste system. The system consists of four major components, including a CM primary shredder and external classifier for processing whole passenger car and truck tires to 4-to-6-inch chips.

The chips are fed to a CM rotor that liberates the wire fraction from the rubber, as well as sizes the rubber.

Liberated materials are processed by the CM zero waste wire cleaning system, which efficiently separates the rubber and steel fractions, CM says.

An air handling system is used to capture the nylon material that is separated during process. It is also used to remove excess nylon fiber from the wire.

The rubber is fed directly to silos where it is stored prior to being fed into the reactors. Due to its purity level, the wire is being sold to the steel industry.

The system is operated by an advanced HMI/PLC system that monitors and controls all systems. CM along with the end user of the system have the capability to monitor system and adjust the operating system from the factory or any remote location.

This is the second such installation that CM has supplied in Europe for producing feed stock for the pyrolysis/gasification industry.