Circular in Motion targets recycled-content plastics

European online platform seeks to provide marketplace for companies with recycled-content sustainability goals.

January 8, 2021

Netherlands-based Circular in Motion says it is starting with plastics as it introduces its online platform “to sell and buy sustainable materials” in an effort to “help operators, from municipalities to companies of all sizes, shift from linear to circular economy.”

“In Europe, we have a big gap between offer and demand of the secondary raw materials, and we need to bridge this,” says Leila Oksanen, chief commercial officer of Circular in Motion. “We want to help companies connect, generate business and create value chains around sustainability. We are certain the accessible e-marketplace can be a concrete boost to the European circular economy, and of course beyond EU borders too.”

Continues Oksanen, “We help match the supply and demand of the recycled and renewable content raw materials and make it possible for all kinds of operators, big and small, to be part of circular economy.”

Although starting with plastics and chemicals, Circular in Motion says it intends to diversity into other secondary raw materials, including metals and wood-based materials, to offer a “secured and standardized raw materials marketplace.”

All the materials sold and bought on the platform are traceable throughout the value chain, says the company. Buyers can see the material’s “history, specifications and the proof of origin” via transactions that are “certified and made secure with blockchain,” according to Circular in Motion.

The platform has been released as a beta version until March 1, 2021, allowing operators to join and operate free of charge, adds the company.