ERI hosts electronics recycling event in Las Vegas

ERI hosts electronics recycling event in Las Vegas

Recycler teams up with Consumer Technology Association and Samsung to provide free electronics recycling following CES 2016.

January 8, 2016

Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), Fresno, California, is joining with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association) and Samsung to host a free e-scrap collection event Jan. 10, 206. The event will help provide residents of Las Vegas and surrounding areas by providing “a convenient way to responsibly recycle unwanted consumer electronics,” ERI says.

The event is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Gold Parking Lot (316 Convention Center Drive) of the Las Vegas Convention Center, site of Tech East at CES.

Samsung is sponsoring the event, which is hosted by CTA, the owner and producer of CES. It is free to the public.

Accepted items include computer equipment, televisions and mobile devices.

“It is a huge honor to have been chosen to be the official electronics recycler at this first-of-its-kind event at CES—truly, the Super Bowl of the electronics industry,” says John Shegerian, chairman and CEO of ERI. “The work we will be doing this weekend to prevent unwanted electronics from ending up in landfills, and partnering with forward-thinking, environmentally concerned organizations like our good friends at Samsung and CTA, exemplifies what can be accomplished when great organizations pool their resources for the common good.”

 “CTA supports sustainability programs at CES and in Las Vegas that mirror the consumer technology industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint,” says Walter Alcorn, CTA vice president, environmental affairs and industry sustainability. “We want to make recycling your old devices as easy as purchasing new ones. And this e-waste recycling event with ERI is a chance for the people of Las Vegas to unload their old electronics in a safe and responsible manner.”

Mark Newton, director of environmental and regulatory affairs for Samsung Electronics America, says, “Samsung’s Recycling Direct program provides free, responsible and convenient electronics recycling for consumers. Since its launch in 2008, Samsung Recycling Direct has responsibly recycled 464 million pounds of e-waste in the United States.

“Consumer electronics are the fastest declining portion of the U.S. solid waste stream, and e-waste recycling is at an all-time high according to the EPA,” Newton continues. “Samsung is proud that its Recycling Direct Program is part of the collective efforts that have proven successful in reducing the country’s consumer electronics environmental footprint.”