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Deep roots in the recycling industry, and with Macpresse balers.

October 11, 2018

Cascades Recovery+ was founded in the late 1970’s by brothers Albino and Anthony Metauro. The company has evolved from a small hauler collecting material from all over the Toronto, Ontario, area to a one of Canada’s largest, well-recognized leaders in the recycling services industry.

Today, Cascades Recovery+ is an operating division of Cascades, Inc. and handles more than 1 million metric tons of recyclable materials annually. It operates 20 facilities from Quebec to British Columbia, Canada, and in the Northeast United States, creating more than 1,100 jobs.

From its earliest years, the company has relied upon Macpresse balers to process both fiber and container bales. “Our first machine is a model 110. The unit has 110,000 hours of operating time and still runs every day; it’s 30 years old,” says Anthony Metauro, the company’s Vice President of Operations.

“Years ago, Macpresse introduced changes to their machines to better process bales of PET, HDPE, film, UBCs and of course fiber … they make great bales,” says Metauro. “We run 12 Macpresse balers in our system. Our plant managers and baler operators love them. Today we purchase the 111AS; it’s a great machine.”

“We’ve learned that these units can produce 30 tons per hour of OCC and push out a bale every two minutes. They are fast, reliable and consistent performers,” he continues. “Reliability is key. We have another unit, a 2003 model, that has 79,500 operating hours and still produces 8,000 – 10,000 tons per month.”

“Our first machine is a model 110. The unit has 110,000 hours of operating time and still runs every day; it’s 30 years old.” – Anthony Metauro, Vice President of Operations, Cascades Recovery+

Cascades Recovery+ takes a proactive approach to maintaining their equipment, including stocking parts to service all their equipment. “We conduct regular preventive maintenance and stock parts for all of our equipment; but, when we need them, Sierra has been a consistently reliable partner,” Metauro says.

“We know the people at Sierra and Macpresse,” he adds. “While we rarely need anything from the factory, we know that Sierra’s team is always there to support us when a need arises.”

Today, Cascades Recovery+ provides recycling management solutions to an extensive list of partners throughout Canada and the Northeast United States. As it continues its work to create a “circular economy model” with brand owners and packaging producers, Macpresse balers will be behind the scenes, delivering high-production, low-cost operation and long-term reliability.

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