Lena Zodda
Photo courtesy of the Carton Council of North America

Carton Council announces sustainability and school recycling leader 

Lena Zodda brings over 20 years of experience in the paper industry.   

The Carton Council of North America, Denton, Texas, has announced the appointment of Lena Zodda as vice president of sustainability and school recycling. The council says Zodda will help drive access to carton recycling and grow recycling infrastructure.  

Zodda joins the Carton Council from Pactiv Evergreen, where she serves as the director of sustainability. As supply chains and recycling markets continue to be under pressure, Zodda’s 22 years of experience working in the paper and packaging industry promoting the recyclability of other paper-based packaging will be valuable in helping drive the Carton Council’s goals.  

In addition to bringing her expertise and relationships to all facets of the Carton Council efforts, Zodda’s role will also focus on strengthening school carton recycling programs across the country. The council says more than four billion milk and beverage cartons are consumed in schools each year with the average U.S. school of 545 students consuming about 75,000 cartons annually. There are approximately 11,000 carton recycling programs operating in schools across the country, leaving the opportunity for further expansion.   

“Lena brings vast experience in the paper industry which will no doubt bring a fresh perspective to our efforts to drive carton recycling,” says Ed Klein, president of the Carton Council of North America. “School recycling programs not only encourage children to learn about the importance of recycling, but they also help create lifelong recyclers while supporting communities in capturing larger carton volumes.”  

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