Carbios receives grant to fund enzymatic recycling technology

The company says the grant will help fund the development of trials on PET scrap at its demonstration plant.

November 29, 2021

Carbios, a France-based plastic recycling technology provider, has received a grant worth about 3 million euros (or about $3.38 million) from the European Union’s LIFE program. Carbios’ partners T.EN Zimmer GmbH and Deloitte also will receive funding from the program. Through the partnership, T.EN Zimmer GmbH will provide its expertise on monomer repolymerization in 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Deloitte will conduct an environmental performance analysis of the process for plastic and textile waste.

According to a news release from Carbios, the European LIFE program is a grants tool in the EU that supports solutions with low environmental impact. Carbios’ C-Zyme technology complies with the European Commission’s goals, qualifying it for the grant. The company launched an industrial demonstration plant for its enzymatic recycling technology in France earlier this year.

Carbios reports that its technology can recycle all types of PET scrap without loss of quality. Its C-Zyme recycling process uses an enzyme capable of depolymerizing PET. Those depolymerized monomers are then purified before being repolymerized into PET of comparable quality to virgin PET.

The company says its technology should fulfill both the European Union’s requirements and large companies’ sustainability goals.

“We were able to demonstrate the significant deployment capacity of our enzymatic PET recycling technology by bringing our industrial demonstration unit into operation in September 2021. The grant will help fund the development of trials on plastic and textile waste at the demonstration plant, which will help confirm the process’ scaleup and lead to the commercialization of our technology through licensing,” says Kader Hidra, Carbios’ chief financial officer.