Call2Recycle promotes responsible battery recycling

Call2Recycle promotes responsible battery recycling

Organization urges people to stop hoarding their batteries.

Atlanta-based Call2Recycle is encouraging consumers to break the battery hoarder habit by recycling used batteries, offering individuals the chance to win an anti-battery-hoarder kit to jumpstart their battery recycling efforts. More information is available at Call2Recycle’s battery hoarder webpage.

A recent Nielsen study found that 21 percent of surveyed Americans hoarded used single-use batteries for six months to a year, with 24 percent keeping used rechargeable batteries for the same duration. Reasons for hoarding included holding for a future recycling trip or not knowing what to do with the used batteries.

“By breaking the battery hoarder habit, consumers can organize their living spaces, recycle used batteries and do something positive for the planet,” says Linda Gabor, vice president of marketing and customer service for Call2Recycle Inc.

Call2Recycle says that with Earth Day around the corner on April 22, it’s the perfect time to regain balance and create cleaner, safer spaces by recycling used batteries. Consumers should bag or tape used batteries as needed before taking to a Call2Recycle drop-off site. Damaged or swollen batteries require special handling, and consumers should contact Call2Recycle to ensure they handle these items properly.

Additional tips on battery recycling as well as information on drop-off locations can be found here