Cabell County, West Virginia, officials to consider recycling funding

Commission may add funding measure to November general election ballot.

August 11, 2016

The Herald Dispatch, Huntington, West Virginia, reports Cabell County commissioners will consider incorporating recycling efforts into the overall county budget.

“The commission has to look at the bigger picture,” Cabell County Commission President Anne Yon told the newspaper. “We have to look at more than whether recycling is a good thing. I’m in favor of it, but when people say for us to put it on the agenda and put it on the ballot, they’d don’t really know all of the factors the commission has to take into account.” 

Members of the county’s Solid Waste Authority have been campaigning commissioners to consider a levy of 0.6 of a cent per $100 assessed valuation on Class II properties to fund the recycling program. As a result, officials will explore the possibility of adding a measure to the November ballot that would provide $300,000 yearly to continue the program, the article says. 

The request comes four months after the commission approved 10 percent budget cuts to each county department. 
“I feel like I have to be protective of what funding we do have and inform the people of what we’re working with,” Yon told the newspaper. “I know the average citizen isn’t privy to all of the information we have, and I would ask people to keep that in mind when they ask for a project. Recycling is a valid cause for money, but the reason funding was dropped off for that program in the first place is because of the financial problems we’re having.”