Bottaro wires and balers
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Bottaro: Balers and wire, the right combination for success

Find out how using the right wire for your baler can help your bottom line.

November 1, 2022

Each baler needs a specific wire to perform correctly and to improve its efficiency in terms of electricity consumption, productivity, operating costs and maintenance. Given this, the choice of wire used for baling can have a significant impact.

What kind of press do you have?

Single ram  

The single-ram baler can bind any type of material, even the most resistant such as plastic and metal. The single ram works with black annealed iron wire, which is less expensive than steel. Single-ram balers have low maintenance costs and service is now available throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

The suitable wire: For those who require small quantities of wire, Bottaro’s solution is the Box Wire and 40/50-kilogram rewound coil of black-annealed low-carbon steel wire: lightweight and functional products especially suitable for sorting centers, paper mills, paper manufacturers and box plants. For those consuming large quantities of wire, Bottaro has created an upgrade of the BWR™, the BWR™Plus. This black annealing allows an increase in the number of bindings because of these three aspects:  

  • diameter reduced by 10 percent,  
  • higher metric development;  
  • increased mechanical performance. (

Double ram  

One of the advantages of a double-ram baler is its wide range on the market, which allows the press to be selected according to the type of material processed. Therefore it uses a very resistant steel wire.  

The suitable wire: The double-ram baler is a system that makes versatility its strong point, and to press and bale any type of material requires special high-strength steel. Bottaro produces galvanized hi-tensile wire, designed for tough pressing applications due to its strength and elongation. 

Vertical press

The vertical press has a low purchase cost and above all it is very easy to use. It is used by supermarkets, shopping centers and even by private citizens. These balers allow packaging such as plastic, paper and cardboard to be compressed, facilitating the recycling process. 

The suitable wire: For this type of press, Bottaro offers single-loop bale ties, double-loop galvanized wire or black annealed wire, which are quickly hooked, ensuring high resistance and easy handling.

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