Bottaro wire
Image courtesy Bottaro

Bottaro: How the right wire can save time and money

November 1, 2022

Bottaro's BWR™ Plus, for baling presses that can make a recycling plant more efficient exists.  

This product has been studied and engineered by Bottaro in collaboration with Italian universities and the most important industry associations. This includes the BVSE (Germany), VSMR (China), Federec (France, VBS (China), SWANA (USA), ISRI (USA), NWRA (USA), to offer recycling plants important advantages in terms of energy and monetary savings.  

BWR Plus™ (Bottaro Wire Recycling™) was created to offer recyclers a solution to increase plant productivity during working hours, minimizing operating costs and related consumption. This is possible thanks to the unique mechanical properties of the wire:  

  • a diameter reduced by 10 percent compared with standard wire, which allows a higher metric development;  

  • greater malleability with the same resistance;  

  • a smooth and homogeneous surface that reduces friction; and  

  • optimized winding and unwinding method to avoid interruptions or breaks.  

In the recovery and recycling industry, efficiency is the decisive weapon to ensure margins and cost control. This is why Bottaro has studied wires with mechanical properties capable of reducing friction during use, especially in the tying phase. This brings benefits like:  

  • reduced electricity consumption of the recycling plant;  

  • less pollution from friction and energy consumption; and

  • reduced maintenance costs.  

Additionally, thanks to the reduced diameter and to machinery able to better compact the wire, each single Bottaro coil is made up of a greater quantity of wire, with the same weight as a traditional one. In other words, a higher number of bales can be tied with the same amount of wire.  

Bottaro technicians and engineers work closely with manufacturers and users of baling presses. For this reason, the research and development department invests in advance to search for solutions and products that keep pace with technological innovations. Thanks to the black-annealed low-carbon steel wire BWR Plus recycling is green because it recycles and it does it sustainably.