recycled plastic flakes
Photo courtesy of Borealis

Borealis introduces polyolefin grades with PCR content

Borcycle grades combine virgin PP with recycled material for use in automotive applications.

Borealis, a supplier of polyolefin materials for engineering applications in the automotive industry, has announced the availability of Borcycle in North America. The Vienna-based company, which has its U.S. production plant in Taylorsville, North Carolina, describes the product as a polyolefin-based solution composed of virgin and postconsumer resin (PCR) for use in the North American automotive market.

The Borcycle family of products is intended for use in interior, exterior and under-the-bonnet automotive applications and incorporate PCR for a lower environmental impact, the company says.

Originally developed by Borealis in Europe, ready-made PCR Borcycle grades combine virgin polypropylene with high-quality reclaimed materials. They are safe to use and provide a material performance and cost-efficiency equal to the performance and cost-efficiency of virgin materials, Borealis says.

Products in the Borcycle family are backed by a reliable supply chain and quality standards, according to the company, meaning automotive customers and partners can rely on a steady supply of Borcycle grades with consistently high quality.