BHS system poised to purify paper in Norway

BHS system poised to purify paper in Norway

Oslo-based Norsk Gjenvinning installs customized BHS FiberPure equipment array.

August 15, 2018

Oslo, Norway-based Norsk Gjenvinning (NG), considered Norway’s largest waste management company, has selected United States-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) to supply NG’s new paper recycling system in Oslo.

Scheduled to be operational in the first quarter of 2019, the system will process 20 metric tons per hour and run three shifts to process approximately 120,000 metric tons annually. The NG system will include Max-AI VIS (Visual Identification System) units designed to monitor the quality of outbound paper.

The Oslo facility also includes what BHS calls its latest technology designed to maximize NG’s paper quality and return on investment. Six National Recovery Technology (NRT) optical sorters and four Max-AI AQC (Autonomous Quality Control) robotic sorters contribute to a highly automated process, allowing NG to run multiple shifts with what BHS calls a minimal variable cost increase. BHS says NG’s investment in a custom FiberPure system allows the company to take on more tonnage, create a highly marketable product and decrease labor costs.

The process begins with a BHS Metering Bin, OCC Separator and Debris Roll Screen to feed the system, recover cardboard and remove fines. A BHS NewSorter separates news and pams from smaller fiber and contamination. The news and pams are split into two material streams for purification, a process that begins with two NRT SpydIR-R optical sorters to remove and recover plastic film. The news and pams are then treated by two NRT ColorPlus optical sorters to remove and recover any remaining cardboard.

“Final paper purity is achieved completely autonomously by Max-AI AQC-2 robotic sorters,” says BHS, adding that NG also will recover aseptic containers and remove contamination from mixed paper with two NRT SpydIR-R units.

NG will be able to analyze product quality in real time with its two Max-AI VIS units and the Total Intelligence Platform. Those units are designed to allow NG to ensure the system is creating highly pure paper before it goes to market. BHS calls the Oslo installation “the world’s first system to commit to this level of intelligence.”

With both NRT and Max-AI technologies reporting material compositions and communicating together through the Total Intelligence Platform, NG’s operators will gain valuable analytics to track, analyze and share with customers, says BHS.

“We are extremely pleased to have signed with BHS for a new paper line for our production facilities in Oslo, Norway,” says Frode Karlsen, Norsk Gjenvinning’s head of the Oslo-region. “The level of automation and technology is astounding, and will help us achieve new levels of throughput and quality. We are very eager to receive the equipment and start production as soon as we can next year.”

“It is a pleasure to work with Norway’s leading recycler,” says BHS Europe Sales Manager Richard Tromp. “This system will truly be a first of sorts, whereby BHS, NRT and Max-AI technologies come together to not only deliver unmatched performance, but to also provide NG with intelligent and actionable reporting throughout the system – including product quality. We’re honored to have been selected by NG and I’m looking forward to providing a solution that will be profitable for many years to come,” Tromp comments.

NG receives unsorted paper and cardboard from both residential and commercial customers from southern Norway. The purified, outbound material will be used to create new paper and cardboard.

NG handles approximately 25 percent of Norway’s municipal solid waste as well as material from Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom. The company recycles 85 percent of all material collected and supplies secondary materials and fuel to customers in Norway, other nations in Europe and Asia. NG has 40 facilities and more than 1,300 employees in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and England. The company handles 1.8 million tons of collected material per year.

Eugene, Oregon-based BHS describes itself as a worldwide leader in the innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of sorting systems and components for the solid waste, recycling, waste-to-energy and construction and demolition industries. Wholly owned subsidiaries include Nihot (Netherlands), NRT (U.S.) and Zero Waste Energy (U.S.).