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George Doyle |

Bayernoil and Biofabrik cooperate on chemical recycling

Bayneroil has committed to purchasing Biofabrik’s pyrolysis oil.

October 24, 2022

Biofabrik and Bayernoil Raffineriegesellschaft mbH have signed a commercial agreement to advance chemical recycling. Bayernoil is a refinery business located in Bavaria, Germany, that processes crude oils, gases and other feedstocks.   

With the agreement, Bayneroil has committed itself to the purchase Biofabrik’s pyrolysis oil. This synthetic crude oil is supplied by Biofabrik's global distributor network, based entirely on Wastx Plastic technology, designed to be applied anywhere.  

The goal is to close the value cycle, reduce dependencies on fossil fuels and gain further expertise in sustainable oils. The scope of the partnership also includes extensive research on the optimization and multiplication of value chains and processing routines for pyrolysis oils. 

As part of this partnership, Biofabrik says it can guarantee all existing and new partners and customers the purchase of their decentral oils at favorable conditions. Biofabrik says it will be able to increase the profitability and attractiveness of the chemical recycling sector. This is because it allows the company to encourage more people to participate in this industry and minimize exploitation of scarce natural resources.   

“With this strong partnership, we look forward to driving the world's urgently needed shift towards a circular economy and revolutionizing the oil and gas industry with sustainable oils,” the company said in a press release.