BACE launches Ecosystem platform

The company also ships its 10,000th vertical baler.


BACE LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina, launched its first fully integrated Ecosystem for the waste and recycling industry, powered by its IntelliBACE platform. 

According to a BACE news release, the Ecosystem platform can be implemented on any manufacturers’ existing equipment. It also uses weight-based scaling for better accuracy. It provides real-time access to historical service information and real-time access to warranty status. Additionally, it offers access to equipment documentation and training videos. The company reports that Ecosystem platform also tracks revenue and expense by equipment, shift, location and region. It will notify haulers when a compactor needs to be picked up, which eliminates weight-related issues. 

“The BACE Ecosystem marries our innovative technology platform, IntelliBACE, which delivers business data, analytics and reporting with any manufacturers’ balers and compactors,” says Frederick Waite, BACE’s CEO. “The BACE Ecosystem is going to disrupt the way the industry views the integration of equipment and technology. We will continue to drive innovations that focus on increasing our customers’ revenue while decreasing their expenses.”

BACE also announced that it shipped its 10,000th Vertical Baler. Waite notes that this is a “significant milestone” for the company, as it has reached this achievement in a short period of time.

“Meeting these goals while raising the industry’s bar on quality standards would not have been possible without our people, processes and products working in harmony to deliver the best value to our customers,” Waite says.

Greg Leon, senior vice president of sales and marketing at BACE, says the company grew by 60 percent in 2018 and is on track for another strong year. “I am confident the BACE Ecosystem, powered by IntelliBACE, will accelerate our growth even more as we have broadened the technology to service all manufacturers’ equipment,” he says.

BACE manufactures heavy-duty balers, compactors and service for the recycling and waste management industry.