BACE announces patent approval

The company now has exclusive rights to its compaction system, related baling and recycling method.


BACE LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina, has announced that the patent for its compaction system, related baling and recycling method has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

According to the USPTO, BACE’s patent, U.S. Patent No. 10,377,518, grants BACE exclusive rights to a recycling method that include: the steps of compacting recyclables into a fixed bale while concurrently weighing old corrugated containers (OCC) in the compactor and independently of the force the compactor applies to the material or to the bale; assigning an individual identifier to the fixed bale in which the identifier includes at least the weight of the bale; and sending the fixed identified bale to a destination selected from the group consisting of shippers, mills, rebalers or a customers for the baled recyclable material.

BACE CEO Frederick Waite released the following statement regarding the patent approval:

“BACE’s issued patent provides clear evidence to our customers that BACE’s intellectual property and related products provide an unequivocal competitive advantage. BACE customers now have full confidence that our baling and compaction equipment technology is uniquely innovative, such that it warrants the exclusivity and legal protection afforded by U.S. patents.

“The industry is racing toward implementing solutions that can deliver business value by adapting to the constantly shifting global market for OCC and waste processing. Now more than ever, BACE’s customers are trying to maximize revenue while decreasing expenses associated with recycling and waste processes. For balers and compactors, driving these financial synergies starts with the ability to accurately capture weight, a cornerstone of BACE’s patent.

“By determining the weight of material in a baler, the BACE Ecosystem helps customers obtain the maximum bale and transport weight to achieve their revenue goals while reducing labor and bale tie expenses. By determining the weight of the actual waste in a compactor, our Ecosystem ensures that a compactor leaves full and at the appropriate weight by automatically notifying haulers when the compactor is ready for pickup, reducing unnecessary tip and hauling fees. BACE’s revolutionary product design, which enables these game-changing baler and compactor weighing technologies, is highlighted by the USPTO’s decision to grant patent protection.

“BACE will continue to drive innovation and expand the Ecosystem capabilities using our now-patented IntelliBACE Platform to deliver business value to our customers.”

To learn more about the BACE Ecosystem, powered by its IntelliBACE platform, visit the company’s website.