Aqua Metals wins technology and innovation award

Aqua Metals wins technology and innovation award

‘San Francisco Business Times’ Technology and Innovation Award recognizes company’s AquaRefining technology.

Aqua Metals Inc., Alameda, California, has been named a winner of the San Francisco Business Times Technology and Innovation Award.

The San Francisco Business Times Technology and Innovation Award honors “the most dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs and companies in the Bay Area,” according to its website. Aqua Metals is recognized for being a leading innovator in the Bay Area and the lead industry. The organization specifically awarded Aqua Metals for its innovation of AquaRefining, the battery industry’s first environmentally friendly lead-acid battery recycling technology.

“As a company that is young, progressive and passionate, we feel very privileged to be a part of the Bay Area community of innovators,” says Stephen Clarke, chairman and CEO of Aqua Metals. “Being recognized by this esteemed local organization is truly an honor, and we will continue to push toward further innovations and solutions that positively impact our society.”

Aqua Metals develops and manufactures the AquaRefining technology in the Bay Area and partners with multiple local manufacturers and vendors. The patent pending technology is a closed-loop, room temperature electrochemical process that reduces harmful air or water emissions. The modular design of the technology enables a rapid deployment of lead-acid battery recycling with further potential logistics and economic benefits by co-locating AquaRefineries with battery manufacturers and distributors around the globe. AquaRefining enables the battery community to recycle responsibly and contribute positively to the environment, according to the company.

Aqua Metals says it is rapidly expanding its production capabilities as it scales the first facility in McCarren, Nevada. Additionally, the company plans to install AquaRefining in a to-be-named smelter site beginning in 2018, through its deal with Johnson Controls, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries. As it scales up capacity, Aqua Metals says it plans to hire hundreds of employees for existing and future operations across the United States, including in the Bay Area.

Aqua Metals will be honored at an awards ceremony May 17, 2017, at San Francisco’s Julia Morgan Ballroom.