App enables scrap purchasing using tablet devices

Maker of JPOP calls it affordable and easy to use.

A purchasing program app designed for iPads and other tablets has been designed especially for buyers of scrap commodities and California Redemption Value (CRV) materials, says its creator.

The JPOP scrap purchasing program has been “made by an engineer and recycler with simplicity and durability in mind,” says Avraham Farzan, the Southern California-based entrepreneur who has designed and is marketing JPOP. He also calls it “the least expensive [such app] with the most advanced technology in the world.”

Farzan says JPOP works with iPad and Android-operated 7-inch and 10-inch tablets. He says the app also “satisfies all the requirements from police departments nationwide for anti-theft regulations and notably the most restricted one from the Los Angeles Police Department.”

The JPOP app can connect with “air-print” printers made by Brother, HP, Epson and other companies to provide check printing services, says Farzan.

For jurisdictions with photo requirements, the app can work along with the tablet's camera to shoot and store ID cards “from all 50 states and put it in a customer database automatically.”

Farzan says the app also has a “very flexible material pricing structure” and be connected to a larger operating system for price changing purposes. “You can remotely connect to your employee iPad from anywhere to change prices or add and delete an item from your list,” says Farzan.

More information on the JPOP app is available at