The new Altech Recycling Plant will produce an estimated 175 million pounds of twitch per year.
The new Altech Recycling Plant will produce an estimated 175 million pounds of twitch per year.
Alter Trading Corp.

Alter Corp., Toyota Tsusho America open Altech Recycling plant

The Arkansas-based plant will produce high-quality aluminum products to supplement demand at Toyota production facilities.

November 4, 2021

St. Louis-based Alter Trading Corp. and Toyota Tsusho America Inc. (TAI) have opened the Altech Recycling plant in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Alter and TAI formed a partnership at the beginning of the year to construct this metals separation plant. The new Altech Recycling Plant is designed to produce a high-quality aluminum product to supplement demand at TAI production facilities and other business partners in North America. The facility will provide clean aluminum in order to develop new Toyota vehicle parts.

“This project represents a step in the recycling process that brings together two great companies on a mission to conserve resources, promote recycling and champion the circular economy,” says Alter CEO Jay Robinovitz. “Many projects around the globe were put on hold as a result of the pandemic, but this exceptional team pressed on and achieved their objective because they believed in it.” 

According to a news release from Alter Trading Corp., the new facility processes zorba to produce a clean aluminum product known as twitch and secondary products referred to as heavies and zeppelin. The company says Altech can produce up to an estimated 175 million pounds of twitch per year for use in Toyota vehicle parts. The plant will sell its product to consumers around the globe as well.

Alter reports that the Altech facility will employ 25 people when it is at full production. Alter will serve as a main supplier to the plant. Altech also will source material from third-party suppliers.

“Altech Recycling is a great example of the power of collaboration,” says Arthur Harrison, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at TAI, the North America-based affiliate of Toyota Tsusho Corp. of Japan.  “Backed by five generations of family ownership, more than a century of expertise and a rich history of serving local communities, we’re proud to stand side by side with the team at Alter Trading. Together, we’re not just creating new jobs; Altech is creating a better world for generations to come.”