Alpine Waste & Recycling named ‘Best of Colorado’

'ColoradoBiz' magazine readers put Alpine at top of industry.


Alpine Waste & Recycling of Commerce City, Colorado, has been named the “Best of Colorado” in the waste and recycling industry for 2016, according to ColoradoBiz magazine

A recent online vote of the magazine’s readers and other business leaders determined that Alpine Waste & Recycling offers the most satisfactory service to its clients. The announcement follows news at the end of 2015 that Alpine had become the first recycling company in Colorado to accept Styrofoam in its single-stream recycling operations.

“Since our inception in 1999, we have proudly pursued the kinds of innovations in this industry that will most benefit our clients and the environment,” says Alpine President John Griffith. “We are pleased to learn that our business model has apparently resonated so effectively with the public, that it has resulted in this award from ColoradoBiz magazine.”

Other innovations Alpine Waste & Recycling has accomplished over the years include: 

  • first waste and recycling hauler in the state to use natural gas trucks; 
  • first to install natural gas fueling stations; 
  • first to offer clients an automated sustainability report; 
  • first in the state to recycle gable top (milk and juice) boxes in the single-stream process; 
  • first to accept heavy rigid plastics; and 
  • first to recycle campaign yard signs.
Alpine says its ongoing focus on innovation and customer service has created a springboard from which it has grown faster than any other waste and recycling company in the state during its 17 years of business.