AllMetal Recycling acquires Boge Iron & Metal

Wichita, Kansas, scrap metal recycler grows through acquisition.

February 25, 2019

Wichita, Kansas-based AllMetal Recycling has acquired Boge Iron & Metal, a family-owned metals recycling business in Wichita that has been in operation for close to 100 years.

Clint Cornejo, a partner with AllMetal, says Allen Boge, the owner of Boge Iron, was considering closing the facility when AllMetal made the purchase in mid-February. The Boge location will operate under the AllMetal name.

AllMetal has engaged in other acquisition activity, including 10 years ago with its purchase of Caster Iron & Metal. Boge Iron & Metal is the fourth purchase for AllMetal Recycling during the past four years. The company also acquired Kamen Iron & Metal in 2012 and two other companies Kansas.

“Mr. Boge has a long-standing reputation in the Wichita marketplace, and he is highly respected amongst his peers in the scrap metal industry across the country,” says Cornejo. “We intend to build upon the success the Boge family has accomplished over the past 93 years.”

With the addition of the Boge yard, AllMetal will operate from two locations in Wichita as well as locations in Newton and Harper, Kansas.

AllMetal Recycling says it serves the general public with a focus on the manufacturing and aerospace industries in Kansas. “We currently service the general public on the north end of town; the Boge purchase allows us to expand our public services to the south end of town as well,” says Cornejo. The Boge operation welcomes scale traffic and provides container services to the manufacturing sector.

Due to the prominence of the aerospace industry in Wichita, AllMetal specializes in high-temp alloys and aluminum scrap. Boge, on the other hand, has been heavily involved in ferrous scrap markets.