Alliance Steel Acquires Minneapolis Nonferrous Facility

Minnesota firm looks to strengthen its nonferrous business with the acquisition of assets from Jack Engle & Co.

November 12, 2013

Minneapolis-based Alliance Steel Service, a scrap metal recycling firm that has operated in the upper Midwest for more than 50 years, has acquired EOS Metals, the Minneapolis location of Jack Engle Co., a Los Angeles-based scrap metal recycling company.

Michael Zweigbaum, who purchased Alliance Steel Service from Harold Goldfine in 2005, says the company purchased EOS Metals to diversify and strengthen its operations into the nonferrous sector.

He says Alliance plans to further expand its nonferrous business by adding knowledgeable staff from EOS Metals, including Ed Orensten, cofounder of the company, and Corey Kvasnick, who served as head of nonferrous operations for EOS Metals. 

Alliance presently has a number of scrap metal operations in Minnesota, including a joint arrangement with AMG, an auto shredder in Minnesota, and a scrap metal facility in Wisconsin.

Zweigbaum says that while the new acquisition will continue to operate for the time being, he envisions that Alliance will close down the new location and consolidate the operations at one of Alliance’s existing facilities as a way to reduce expenses for the company.

Currently, the company services more than 200 accounts and provides scrap to more than 30 corporate customers throughout the country.