21st Century Programming--Training: Basic and Beyond

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March 28, 2006

Even software that is easy to use requires upfront training and ongoing support. 21st Century Programming has separated itself from others in the industry by recognizing this need and by offering training and support that wins over customers time and time again.

A 21st Century installation starts with a series of unique steps that helps ensure that the installation of its software occurs with minimal business interruption from the outset. The path is then paved for peak productivity immediately after the install.

It all starts with a pre-install visit by a 21st Century representative who works with customers to understand the unique aspects of their business and how the software will work for them. This includes an analysis of paperwork flow, plant operations and accounting requirements—everything from the start of the business day to the closing of the month.

Training is then offered in a variety of styles and tailored to the customer’s individual needs. This can include Webex Internet-based training for those who are already computer savvy, classroom training in Long Beach, on-site training at the customer’s facility or any combination of those three.

At their California headquarters in Long Beach, 21st Century Programming operates a state-of-the-art Training Room, with all of the equipment necessary to simulate the software at a customer’s location (including scales, bar code scanners, touch screens, printers, ATM, etc.). There, recycling company employees can receive intensive training in an environment that eliminates the distractions and interruptions that can occur at their own facilities.

In addition, every customer gets on-site training at their facilities during the initial start up of the software systems. This ensures that employees quickly become comfortable with how to use the software—at their own workstations, using their data, and in their environment.This form of training, which is scheduled for one week or longer, helps ensure that employees and managers are comfortable when the new ROM Enterprise software "goes live" at their facility.

Follow-up visits from 21st Century representatives are another way for customers to keep current with the latest ROM methods.

The unique ROM application audit provides a one-on-one review of how the software is being applied at a specific facility to ensure that the customer is using it to its maximum potential.

The Training Room can be used not only in coordination with an installation, but also to train new employees or to receive feedback from existing employees and allow them to receive specific advice on matters unique to their applications.

All of these factors combined make the installation, training and transition to 21st Century Programming’s systems smooth and efficient.