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March 28, 2006

For almost a decade, 21st Century Programming has offered software packages with flexible features for all different recycling environments. Whether recyclers handle metals, paper or a variety of materials, or whether they handle industrial accounts, residential curbside recyclables or buy from the public, 21st Century has the software solution.

With the addition of an enterprise package to its highly successful ROM (Recycling Operations Manager) program, 21st Century now also offers solutions that cover the largest multi-yard operations on down to locations with a single scale house.

These software packages are offered with flexible training and support options, and are tailor-made to each customer’s needs for a smooth transition, reliability and years of satisfaction. Founders George and David Kane, who grew up in the scrap recycling business, have created a company that offers not just a great product, but an unparalleled level of service and training to its clients.

The decades of software and recycling knowledge that George, David and other 21st Century Programming staff members bring to the table allow them to offer an American-made software solution that recyclers nationwide have embraced and endorsed in growing numbers.