21st Century Programming--A Complete Support System

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March 28, 2006

When recyclers purchase a software package that touches every aspect of their enterprise, those recyclers do not want to be in the position of waiting for an answer when a question arises. This is a critical aspect of buying software.

Overseas vendors or companies with only a couple of employees may not be set up or capable of rapidly responding to customers’ needs.

Purchasers of software from 21st Century Programming, however, immediately receive the full support of the Help Desk Department at 21st Century and its skilled team members.

The support team is made up of both recycling professionals and software specialists, providing the unique skills needed to understand both recycling and computers. Support is provided via telephone, e-mail and via real-time remote control software that allows 21st Century’s technicians to instantly see what is on a user’s screen and help him or her through any issue.

The 21st Century Programming customized internal call tracking and inquiry system monitors customer calls and support issues for a full understanding of customer questions and requests. "We are always analyzing our support and training methods to give our customers the best possible experience with our system," says David Kane.

The Help Desk works in close cooperation with the Programming Department to ensure that customers receive the right advice right away. The Programming Department consists of experienced software programmers who have created, tested and developed the ROM Enterprise programs specifically for the scrap and recycling industries.

Recyclers are a dynamic and creative group of people always trying to maximize their returns. 21st Century Programming encourages this creativity and works closely with its customers to fine tune or modify the applications to work best for each customer.

Additionally, the Programming Department is constantly developing and unveiling modifications that can help all existing 21st Century customers, such as automatic faxing and e-mailing applications and new document storage and retrieval functions.

Customers can also draw upon the company’s technological capacity and strength by taking advantage of 21st Century’s Off-site Backup Service for data security peace of mind and the company’s Infrastructure Consulting and Network Configuration assistance, which can help recyclers get the most out of their computing hardware and software.

When you take a combined 70-plus years of software development experience, 30-plus years of help desk/computer support experience and over 50 years of combined recycling experience, the result is a robust, flexible, reliable and very powerful software system.