Is your MRF among the largest?

Is your MRF among the largest?

"Recycling Today" is compiling information on the largest MRFs in North America, and we need your help.

June 7, 2019

In our September 2019 issue, Recycling Today will present a map and list of the largest material recovery facilities (MRFs) in North America, but we need your help to ensure we have the most accurate data on which to base our rankings.   
If you feel that one or more of your company's MRFs belongs on the list, we ask that you please take a moment to provide your information before July 3, 2019. Please fill out one form, available at each of the MRFs your company operates. The information you provide will help our editors ensure the accuracy of our list; otherwise, we will use estimates that we calculate with the help of industry sources. 
Key figures we are asking for are the annual total amount of outbound tons at your company’s facility as well as the total annual amount of gross tons of fiber shipped, as this will help us determine the largest MRFs that will be placed on the map and list. 

A conclusive, estimated or calculated figure for 2018 is preferred. If a 2019 estimate for newer or recently upgraded facilities is provided, we will note it as such on the list.

To access the form, visit