Middle East Metals Recycling Conference Preview

February 11, 2014

Marcus Kartenbeck with Arubis AG, a German copper scrap consumer, discusses some of the opportunities and challenges with copper.


2012 Paper Recycling Conference Europe

June 15, 2012

Join us at the 2012 Paper Recycling Conference Europe in London 6-7 November. Visit <a href=http://www.PaperRecyclingEurope.com>www.PaperRecyclingEurope.com</a> for more information. Read More

Mike Di Placido, Khanna Paper

November 11, 2014

Dan Sandoval of the Recycling Today Media Group speaks with Mike Di Placido of Khanna Paper about export opportunities to India from the United States. Read More

Dealing with Claims and Rejections

January 13, 2015

Patty Norris of Federal International discusses China’s Operation Green Fence and the primary way to handle claims made by overseas buyers: negotiation. Read More